Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas Fun - Victimhood Poker...

For the uninitiated, Victimhood Poker is based on the premise that different victim groups have varying levels of validity to their victimhood status and that playing cards are assigned upon value accordingly.

It is perhaps (most likely) an urban myth, but it is said to have originated in the USA following Harvard's decision to transfer the sliding scale of extra admission points for different 'victimised' groups to a pack of playing cards for easy reference by staff. Of course, they fell in to the hands of some students, who invented 'Victimhood Poker' (VP), with a full set of rules.

Regardless of the veracity of this story, much schoolboy fun can have by taking the spirit of VP and applying to news reports and propositions of the left to see if you can guess which angle will be taken from just knowing the subjects of the story. This is easy when it is X vs Rupert Murdoch, X will always win. The fun is had when two of their causes collide and the left starts tying itself in knots justifying the rights of one group over the other (which of course is the fundamental hypocrisy of the left). For example, ethnic minorities victimhood status trumps that of women or homosexuals*.

You can further have fun by extending this to Cause Poker (OK, I made that term up) whereby the same principle applies but to favoured causes of the left; the most topical would be the UK Uncut's tax avoidance scam, which continues to attack big business tax avoiders but is strangely silent on, er, left-wing tax avoiders.

Now I'm not disparaging any grievances that may be had by any of these or other 'victim' groups or causes but I am enjoying the moral and philosophical fun that is to be had watching the left try to justify their wholly discriminatory and hypocritical positions whilst they simultaneously fail to recognise them as such.


*H/T to Mark Wadsworth for saving me the time of finding examples.

P.S. I was going to make a joke about UK Uncut and anagrams, but I'm above all that...


  1. In noting that 2010 has seen you able for the first time to put your voice in the Blogosphere and embark on your journey, allow me to wish you and yours a very happy Christmas and an Happy Hogmanay!!!

    I have been entertained and seen my thoughts provoked during your brief time as a Blogger, not leaset by the process itself and the engagement you have made with it and with other bloggers, some of whome have had direct impact upon the events of our Government in the last two or three years, (the destruction of Damian McBride by Guido Faulks springs to mind).

    2011 will be a huge year for you with your relocation and the development of your ideas.

    I may yet find myself in HK during the year on holday and will look you up of I do.

    Seasons Best!!

  2. Daniel, thanks for the kind words - your feedback and opinion is always highly regarded. If I secure the gig in HK, then you should ensure that you come visit. Merry Christmas to you and yours and a Happy Hogmanay!

    Anna - good to have you back so soon ;) Thanks for popping in and leaving festive cheer - 'much appreciated. Your post has reminded me to follow you (ha, sounds creepy!). 'Hope you have decent shifts over the period and enjoy Christmas (my wife's working a night at the moment, but the rest fall well). Merry Christmas. FAV