Friday, 7 January 2011

Urgent: Help the BBC on Diversity Policy

You can help the BBC with it's diversity policy by taking the survey that finishes today:

I would like to say that you won't believe some of the questions, but if anyone was of any doubt that the BBC seeks to social engineer, they should take it.

Cheers, FAV
H/T: Biased BBC


  1. Nooooo! I wish I'd seen this earlier. :(

  2. Wish I had been aware of it too! Why wasn't I aware of it? BBC - the beacon of the people? No siree bob!

    Not you fault FAV!

    Annna :o]

  3. Dick, Anna - good to have you over again. I wish I'd seen it earlier too.

    However, I've just noticed that it's online still (don't know if the results will still stand from any applications) and I have transcribed the survey, which I will post a bit later on today.


    P.S. Anna, you grown an 'n';-)