Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Parish Notice - An Update

Just a quick note to say that I haven't given up all this blogging lark, it's just been hectic! I finally secured a permanent contract out here so am just about to start bringing the family over. I hope that I get the chance to blog soon, as there has been so much going on since my last serious post!

My wife has been reading all about what we've been up to and she's turning into a staunch campaigner. She surprised me by telling that she will not be filling in the Census, and has kept true to her word. I thought I was going to have to persuade her not to, but she tells me that it was the authoritarian instructions that was the straw that broke the camel's back!

So, now that's she's fully on board, we will progress with our NOUICOR and Lawful Rebellion pursuits. I still think it will be another couple of months before I'm blogging properly again, but I shall at least try to do something once a week, but fear it will be every two weeks.

Also, the break made me realise that I had become side tracked, which is fine as long I remember to concentrate on doing what I originally intended this blog for.

Thanks for the public and private support.



  1. Hey! What a wonderful suprise you popping up again!

    Pleased you have gained a contract in HK and that your family will be joining soon!

    Hope your dearly beloveds Census protest doesn't go icky! A Polish friend was visited by the police today... he really believed he didn't have to complete it as he was (quote) a foreigner.

    Anna :o]

  2. Hi Anna - you can't get rid of me that easily!

    She just keeps ignoring them so they have no name with which to pursue. Also, she'll have joined me out here in 2 months, so they'll have difficulty finding us!