Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Starting Off

Well, here we are, finally. I've taken the plunge and decided that I needed my own forum, my own record of my development as I complete my journey towards understanding my truth. I have been inspired by many other bloggers and it's time to move on from (just) posting on other's blogs.

Forgive the self-indulgence in this first posting. I'm not quite sure what I am going to write about; nor do I know how often I will post. All I do know is that I feel the need to write, and I have something to say - which may or may not be important to the reader, but is important to me. And after years of silence, I've finally found a voice.

I am a political animal though refuse to commit to a particular party as my own.
Though, with expert timing, I did join UKIP last week to help them in terms of membership numbers and funds (i.e. the membership fee)! However, this is to help with the fight on one front, which has to be to ensure that we never concede our Habeas Corpus to the Corpus Juris of the EU and retain that most precious of all things in life: liberty.

Finally, I'm not technologically minded, so please bear with me as I (probably slowly) develop this site, add some rules (which I know I intend to keep as light as possible), and generally toy about with it until it's working in the way that I want it!

I'm looking forward to the exchanges.



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  2. Welcome to Blogworld!

    We need all the libertarian voices we can find right now.

    I'll link to you later on today.


  3. Welcome Fav, look forward to seeing you around the place, don't worry about what to write your heart wil tell you that soon enough, the problem soon becomes what not to write, lol