Friday, 19 November 2010

Standing with their Truth: John and Tina Hurst

There is nothing more honourable than for a man to stand by his truth no matter what the consequences or how difficult the circumstances.

John and Tina: Hurst deserve the utmost respect. Their continued fight to keep our Common Law liberty in the face of insurmountable odds and injustice from powerful agencies is humbling to those of us still on our journey for truth. Whilst we look for the courage and develop our knowledge that we may make a stand, they are sailing in uncharted and dangerous waters, so that they and others may be free of tyranny. Go see.

Others too deserve honour for leading their lives in conscious accordance with their truth - such as these two mainstream politicians and these three determined souls. All five have inspired my journey to seek my truth, which I admit is very much at the beginning, though I have travelled far in the last year.

And so I welcome new friends (or otherwise!) to this blog wherever they are on their journey. I would be interested to know who has inspired them and perhaps why.


P.S. It is my intention never to moderate comments -we'll see how that experiment goes!

P.P.S. I was very humbled that Captain Ranty was the first to leave a post on this blog - I hadn't even prostituted myself yet and FAV is a new name for me (have usually posted as 'Underwhelmed').


  1. Thank you for the link Fav , as new blogs we need all the exposure we can get to raise our profile high enough to be seen. I will drop a link in my blogroll for you, look forward to reading what you have to say as time goes on!

  2. Nomine, thanks for all your comments and advice on how to add labels - I've now removed that post. You'll be on the blogroll soon.

  3. "I am you. I sit next to you on the train;"

    I am completely freaked out!!!! I keep thinking you are sitting next to me on the train and that i might be infringing on your civil liberties by encroaching on the shared armrest. I have to keep my elbow firmly cluched to the side of my boby giving me sweaty armpits and alienating me from the rest of the carriage. I have only been following you for five minutes and already i am a slave to Libertarianism!!

    Looking forward to your posts.

  4. Weirdo this Daniel. Don't listen to him! I actually like the idea of you sitting next to me on a train:)
    Good luck with your blog!

    Greetings from LJ.

  5. @Daniel: LOL! Thanks for the message.

    @Masa: Cheers - though, I think Daniel might have a point!

    Hope to see both around more.

    PS. Apologies for the late replies, I was off for the weekend without internet access. Next time I'll post a Parish Notice.