Wednesday, 24 November 2010

NOUICOR Deconstructed

It is my intention to pursue my understanding that I might draft my own Notice of Understanding and Intent and Claim of Right (NOUICOR). I'm very much at the beginning of this journey and found the following clip useful - hopefully you will too.

[EDIT 2: Thanks to Xen for the advice on how to imbed the clip]

Parts 2 and 3 are available here and here.

At some point I will transcribe the contents of the clips, which should be a useful learning exercise in itself. I'll keep you in the loop.

Any other good sources of information on this would be appreciated - especially from those who have or are drafting their own NOUICOR.




  1. Now that you've found your voice you'll want to find out how to embed a video :)

    First get the 'Embed Code' from YouTube and copy it. Then paste into Notepad (presuming you're using Windows and not Linux or BSD or a Mac).

    In Blogger's 'Create Post' there are two tabs at the top of the composing box. [Compose] and [Edit HTML]. Select the [Edit HTML] tab and paste the code fom YT in there.

    If you want writing to appear above the video then when you are in [Edit HTML] before you paste the code press Enter/Return on your keyboard to insert a line break (or breaks) (blank line) and paste the code after this.

    If you want to write under the video then put a line break or breaks after the pasted code.

    Select the [Compose] tab and write your post, above, under (or both) the video.


    Good luck with your Notice. Remember that it contains your truth. Don't put anything in there that you are unsure of.

    You might be better off investigating the Affidavit process TPUC.

    FMotL should be back up now if you have not already researched there.

  2. Aww, nuts.

    I dunno what happened there. I was going to edit the post and it posted instead.

    You only need one line break before or after the html as you can adjust that in the compose window.

    Just one more thing, call it paranoia! By sending an affidavit or Nouicor you are saying 'here I am' and 'this is what I think of you' to tptb.

    It's going to get real ugly out there, real soon. Go careful.

  3. Xen, many thanks for the advice on how to embed the video clip - there'll be no stopping me now! (And yes, good spot on the irony of 'Found a Voice').

    Thanks for the links. I haven't really looked at them before - I remember briefly seeing them about a year ago (?), but mentally I wasn't ready to understand what they were saying. Thanks for reminding me of them.

    I also (unfortunately) think you are right; this is going to escalate and it's going to get ugly.

    I'm not sure if I will make it to issue my own affidavit or NOUICOR, but the very process of drafting it will force me to understand my truth - I hope!

    I am also in the advance stages of emigration, so that may afford me a level of protection.

    Thanks again,


  4. No problem!

    I've spent three years going into this (Freeman stuff) and I've made several drafts of Affidavits/Nouicors but have never sent any of them. As you say, just writing them out will crystallise your thoughts.

    Emigrating eh? If I was able to I'd leave, unfortunately it's not an option. I don't know that anywhere is 'safe', the crazies seem to be in every Continent, in one form or another.

    Oh well, we live in troubled times but then, nobody promised it was going to be a smooth ride.

    Good luck with your blog and your escape!

  5. Like Xen I too do not believe anywhere is going to be safe in the coming conflict, for it will exist on every possible level. There may be some safety in being in a countryside type situation, but if you are a recent incomer there will be a whole new set of problems being accepted etc. I wish you luck wherever it is you are going, I wish I had 'gone' some years ago and had time to set up into full self sufficiency, which in itself is no small or easy task. I am stuck now in this overcrowded isle and looking at the possibility of HELL on my doorstep as soon as the established order breaks down....

    Ps not sure if its my computer or your vid link but I can only get the sound!