Monday, 22 November 2010

Double Slavery at £300 Per Head

So now we know. We are ‘saving’ the Irish by being part of a pan-European Irish bank bailout and we are doing this by giving £300 per head of money that we don’t have (and therefore will have to borrow).

Result? The Irish remain enslaved to the European Project and we have committed our taxpayers (including our children) to longer servitude in servicing this debt.

Did anyone expect any different? The European Project will not be allowed to fail…


Update (7.55pm): just heard on Sky News that RBS and Lloyds have lent the Irish (people, companies, etc) £80bn! That's £80,000,000,000! Why are we not leveraging that to our advantage? Oh, that's right, the European Project will not be allowed to fail...

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